Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 Release Date & Spoiler

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Previous Chapter Recap

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 89 began with Yuna sitting with her brother, who was giving her instructions for her departure. He told her she needed to wrap things up as quickly as possible. Yuna met with Ijin on the same night, and he was the only one who made her feel at ease about her leaving. She then approached him and requested him to keep a secret.

Yuna admitted that there had been moments when she had outperformed Seojku in combat. When an agent was dispatched to call Yuna, the meeting was called off. Back at home, she ran into Seojku, who had no idea she was leaving.

The chapter concluded with an emotional exchange between Ijin and the President of the SW group. It was the first time Ijin spoke to the chairman of the SW group about family and what they meant to him, and after meeting them, he began to grasp what family is.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 release date

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90: What To Expect

Yuna’s departure will be addressed in the next chapter of Teenage Mercenary. So yet, there has been no hook to keep her from fleeing the nation and staying with Ijin. As a result, her decision to leave the country must be definitive. But, even at the last minute, one never knows what might happen. As a result, it’s probable that Yuna is staying behind due to Ijin or another issue.

Furthermore, the two’s love story never had a happy ending. In fact, neither party has made a confession or filed an appeal. Thus, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 could be the outing that leads to the two of them confess. It will be interesting to observe how things play out during the farewell.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 Release Date

As per the information, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 release date is anticipated to be June 18, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy it after it got released.


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