Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 94 Release Date & Spoiler.

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Previous Chapter Recap

In the Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 93 we see the lady agent calling her partner to inquire about 001’s whereabouts and how did he die. The man explained that the last time they saw him, his body had been crushed into bits as a result of a bombing attack. The man then decided to take control of the situation. The chapter then cuts to Ijin and two SW executives meeting.

The new man seems to recognize Ijin from his past. He mentioned that he received assistance from the boy three years ago. But his behavior suggested that he was flirting with the mercenary agent. Ijin went down to walk by himself after the meeting. The chapter ended with Ijin being attacked on the streets by the lady agent.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 94: What To Expect

The next chapter of Mercenary Enrollment will be packed with action. The lady agent who was supposed to assassinate the infamous SW group guard discovered that the man was none other than agent 001. And now she is much more determined to kill the man. But she wouldn’t go for a straight kill until she knew the whole truth about what transpired on the night of the raid.

The discussion will take up the majority of the chapter. But she wouldn’t uncover anything because Ijin had lost most of his memory following the raid. This conflict will not bother Ijin as much as his meeting with the man from his past. The MC is bound to get involved in one of the most awkward gay encounters of his life.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 94 Release Date

According to the information we have, the Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 94 release date is anticipated to be 17 July 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy reading the manhwa once it gets released. For more anime and manga updates visit animesecure.

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