My Hero Academia Chapter 357 Release Date & Spoilers

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Recap Of Previous Chapter

At the start of Chapter 356, we witness Hawk cracking All for One’s life support mask with a single strike of his supersonic mask. Jiro instructs Tsukuyomi to continue fighting All for One rather than catching him. It appears that the young heroes are doing more than just buying time for Endeavor to recover.

They want to murder the villain’s kingpin on their own if possible. Tsukuyomi wraps Hawks’ body in his Dark Shadow after realizing he isn’t strong enough to break the mask.

However, All for One learns that his senses are deteriorating. He has relied on the oddities he absorbed for perception ever since he lost his sense organs. All for One’s reflexes are far superior to those of any average villain thanks to these sophisticated peculiarities. Jiro’s final move can’t possibly make him this weak. He believes that his own eccentricities are revolting against him and that he can no longer use them to their full potential.

Hawks uses his feather katana to finish All For One for good, but All For One fights back with everything he has left. While All For One is busy mending his mask, he succeeds to save Jiro and Tsukuyomi from the damage. Just as things are deteriorating, Endeavor reappears on the battlefield and strikes All For One with his fire fist from his amputated arm.

My Hero Academia Chapter 357: What To Expect

My Hero Academia Chapter 357

In Chapter 357, we’ll see a battle between Endeavor and All for One. Despite Hawks and Tsukuyomi having already contributed, they still have enough energy to continue supporting Endeavor. We’re not so confident about Jiro, who has received some lethal punches from All for One. With All for One’s idiosyncrasies working against him, this is a once-in-a-million chance to defeat him. At any cost, the heroes must not allow him to restore his life support mask.

Likewise, Midoriya will rush to the floating jail where the heroes have managed to arrest Shigaraki. He’s already begun to develop arm-like structures, and there’s no knowing how much power he’ll become if he regains his quirk. Even worst, Monoma is already near his limit, and his erase quirk will be deactivated soon.

My Hero Academia Chapter 357 Release Date

According to the information, My Hero Academia Chapter 357 release date is anticipated to be  June 26, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy reading it once it gets released on official sites. For more updates keep visiting animesecure.

Where To Read My Hero Academia

There are various sources to enjoy reading My Hero Academia but sadly a lot of them are not official, and they don’t pay the artists for the hard work they put in order to create this, so I recommend you to use official sources like Viz media, and Managaplus.


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