My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 388 Release Date.

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my wife is a demon queen

Previous Chapter Recap

Regent successfully activated the colorless domain in the 387th chapter. Nevertheless, Xiang and the others had no idea how to turn it off. In fact, they felt helpless, and Xiang requested assistance from Darkulo. But Darkulo had no idea what he was up to. However, he remembered seeing the magic for the first time when the war between the two races had managed to reach a fever pitch. But there was no need to be concerned.

Regent demanded that Xiang and Darkulo surrender. But they refused to obey his command. When Demon King OSA appeared, others began mocking their demon race. He challenged Regent to a fight, and without delay, he launched his attack. Everyone, including Darkulo, was taken aback by his attack, which appeared weak in the face of the Demon King OSA. As a result, the trio decided to join forces to defeat the Demon King OSA. But he ruined their attacks one after the other. The nuclear weapon was eventually destroyed by the Demon King OSA.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 388: What To Expect?

Demon King OSA will destroy Darkulo’s scythe and cleverly turn all of his attacks into ashes in the following chapter. Darkulo will be on the verge. He will try to devise a strategy to save the Demon Queen. But every plan they devise appears to fail. Xiang, on the other hand, will take advantage of another opportunity to strike the Demon King OSA while dealing with the colorless domain.

Regent, on the other hand, will give up after being devastated by the Demon King OSA. So the battle will now be between Xiang, Darkulo, and the Demon King OSA. The others will be taken aback to find them still standing in front of the Demon King. They will, however, keep their distance rather than assist them in the battle.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 388 Release Date

As per the source, the My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 388 release date is anticipated to be August 29, 2022. So you can enjoy reading my wife is a demon queen chapter 388 once it gets released.

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