Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 108 Release Date

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Previous Chapter Recap

Omniscient Reader’s Point of View Shin claimed in Chapter 107 that she was finally dying. This scene was observed by Dokja, Joonghyuk, the Dokkaebis, and the constellations. 

In her final hours, Joonghyuk inquired about the big demon who assisted her in crossing the planet. It was the Horizon’s Great Demon. As a result, Shin declared that she would avenge him.

She then vanished into thin air. The scenario came to an end as soon as she left. The younger Shin became so enraged by the disaster’s death that she declared she would slay the Dokkaebi.

Dokkaebis from the executive bureau arrived at that same moment. The Dokkaebi named John was arrested in the chapter’s final act for breaking the star stream’s regulations.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 108: What to expect

The next episode of ORV will begin with the fallout from Shin Yoosung’s misfortune. Kim Dokja stated right at the start of the combat with the disaster that he was not trying to kill the catastrophe. 

They may avoid the combat entirely because there was no time constraint in the fifth scenario. But it was the Dokkaebi who persuaded and coerced him to join the struggle.

As a result, they all had to put in the effort, blood, and sweat to stop the regression. But things have changed for the Dokkaebi. 

The Dokkaebi who drove this fight will be the focus of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 108. His arrest was ordered by the executive officers. So it’ll be intriguing to watch what happens next in the sixth scenario for Omniscient Reader’s heroes.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 108: Release Date

As per the report Ominiscent Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter, 108 is set to release on 23 May 2022. So fans can enjoy reading it after it got released on legal platforms such as webtoon. For more updates on manga/manhwa and anime keep visiting animesecure.

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