One Piece Chapter 1048 Release Date, Where To Read Online?

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Recap Of One Piece Chapter 1047

In One Piece Chapter 1047 we read that, Momonosuke and Yamato rush downstairs and discover that Kaido is still alive. Yamato emphasizes that he has reached a high point and that his Flame Cloud may have evaporated. So Momo attempted to assist in this predicament but was unable to generate his Fire Cloud. Luffy decided to handle everything on his own after witnessing Momo’s predicament.

He seemed to be dead set on winning this conflict. As a result, he used all of his strength to hit the Island. It pulled the Island away from Flower Capital so it wouldn’t collide with it. But Momo must act quickly because if he does not transfer the Island in time, the punch would obliterate Onigashima. Meanwhile, the residents of Flower Capital celebrate their independence, which may only last a few minutes.

One Piece Chapter 1048 Release Date

Finally, after the break because of the Golden Week celebration in Japan, One Piece chapter 1048 is all set to release on May 8, 2022, at 8.30 pm EST. So you can enjoy it just after it gets released. For more updates frequently keep visiting animesecure.

Where To Read One Piece

As we all know that there are many ways to read manga, but unfortunately many of them were illegal that don’t support the creator of the manga, so you can enjoy reading one piece on legal platforms such as Mangaplus and

One Piece Chapter 1048 Spoilers

Early leaks indicate that One Piece chapter 1048 will have a brief flashback to the current scenario. Momonosuke will be seen in action, as he attempts to produce flame clouds in the most recent episode.

The arrival of Orochi in the last chapter heightened the tension because everyone is well aware of his nefarious plans. However, One Piece chapter 1048 spoilers confirm that Denjiro hacked off Orochi’s head. Now, whether it is true or not, we will find out when a new chapter is released.


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