One Punch Man Chapter 164 Spoiler, Release Date

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Previous Chapter Recap

The 163rd chapter of One Punch Man began with Saitama and Garou engaging in another round of combat. Soon enough, the former has had enough of conflict.

As a result, Saitama questioned Garou about his attempts to become evil. He defeated the Sage Centipede while also rescuing the civilians from the craft. Garou, on the other hand, was not prepared to listen. After hearing this, he became enraged.

Garou’s physique turned into a monstrous behemoth as a result of his fury. On Saitama, he used the God Slayer Instant Attack. Garou had to move forward towards another attack after failing the first. The God Slayer’s Ending attack was his next attack. Garou had altered again further by the chapter’s last panel. He was in the Awakened version of his body this time. Saitama claimed that Garou was a hero at the end of the chapter.

One Punch Man Chapter 164 What To Expect

It appears that ONE has significant intentions for Garou’s character’s future. Furthermore, this combat will be very different from the one depicted in the original webcomic. And, based on how Garou’s change was handled in the last chapter, it’s safe to say that this isn’t his ultimate mutation.

We may anticipate witnessing Saitama stirring Garou’s rage in One Punch Man Chapter 164. This way, his body would undergo alterations that even Garou is unaware of. Garou will use his newfound abilities to force Saitama to take these fights seriously. In chapter 164 we can see a jaw-dropping fight that will excite you from the bottom of your heart.

One Punch Man Chapter 164 Release Date

As per the report, One Punch Man Chapter 164 is set to release on May 12, 2022, so fans can enjoy reading it once it got a release on the official platform of one punch man manga. For updates on more manga and anime visit animesecure.


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