One Punch Man Chapter 170 Release Date, Where To Read

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Previous Chapter Recap

One Punch Man Chapter 169 was titled “Daybreak.” The chapter began with Garou laying on the floor, contemplating the punch that was as forceful as it was lethal. On the other side, even Saitama was baffled by what had happened. He was mostly interested in the core in his hands. The core was later shown to have accompanied Saitama all the way into the past and dimensions. Genos could thus see everything that had happened up to this moment.

He went on to recount the entire scene to Saitama as soon as he understood it. He went on to talk about time, space, and dimension. But the fact that Saitama was holding back a lot of force during the battle stuck with the viewers. Because there was no way he could have tolerated Garou for so long. But Garou noticed that Saitama was not paying attention and had forgotten everything.

One Punch Man Chapter 170: What To Expect

Garou escaped in the final chapter of One Punch Man, leaving fans with a trail of questions. The last chapter’s mood of King was one of the most striking characteristics that fans adored. Amai Mask pretended to have the strength to kill Garou. But with a single glare from King, he was dispatched. Fans are also outraged that Blast received all of the credit for King’s bravery.

One of the most fascinating plot arcs is now complete. Fans are curious when the next story will begin. Garou will undoubtedly return in the future. However, his story has now been properly concluded. The manga’s Psychic Sisters Arc is coming next. Fans are divided on whether this is the story Murata intended for his audience.

One Punch Man Chapter 170 Release Date

As per the information, the One Punch Man Chapter 170 release date is anticipated to be 18 August 2022. But there is no confirmation on this. To get more anime and manga updates subscribe to animesecure.

Where To Read One Punch Man Manga

You can read the new chapter of one punch man manga on official sources like Viz.

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