Overgeared Chapter 140 Release Date, Spoiler

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Previous Chapter Recap

Mr. Grid began following Darkuus in the previous chapter of Overgeared, but he used his evil magic and summoned Asmopel to defeat Mr. Grid. He, on the other hand, was not afraid of Asmopel and decided to hunt Darkuus, leaving Darkuus terrified. 

Darkuus, terrified, summoned the cursed doll to attack Grid. Grid, on the other hand, was not intimidated and used all of his might to fight back. Two weeks later, in the farmhouse, a young practitioner expressed his discomfort. He was working hard to raise money for Isabella-chan so that she might do something for her health.

He was aware of her father’s avarice, and that whatever he did seemed insignificant to him. Nonetheless, he wished to assist Isabella-chan. Soon after, the scene changed to Reidan, where Mr. Lauel was walking and pondering about the invaders who had earlier invaded the castle. There he met Captain Jude, who was out on patrol late at night. Grid arrived soon after they talked about his health. They all went to see Piero together.

Overgeared Chapter 140: What To Expect

Grid, Jude, and Lifaeli will travel to see Piero in the 140th chapter. Grid will be astonished to witness Piero go about his daily existence. Piero, he believes, is a legend, and the Reidan kingdom should recognise him, but instead, he is imprisoned in a farmhouse. Lifaeli, on the other hand, indicated that it was Piero’s decision and that he wanted to live there. Grid decides to check on him after hearing this.

When Grid arrives, Piero will be meditating, and his focus will be broken. He’ll be even more surprised if Grid returns so quickly. He believes he will accomplish great things in the future. However, Grid will reveal knowledge about Darkuus, making Piero concerned about the empire. Piero will eventually refuse to join them, but after Grid’s pleas, he will agree to help them form a formation to learn more about Darkuus, and instead of fighting alone, they must work together to defeat Darkuus and his evil powers.

Overgeared Chapter 140 Release Date

As per the information, The Overgeared Chapter 140 release date is anticipated to be Tuesday, August 9, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy the new chapter when it gets released.

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM
  • Central Time: 11 AM
  • British Time: 5 PM
  • Eastern Time: 12 PM

More Info About Overgeared

Shin Youngwoo, a troubled young man, is forced to haul bricks on a construction site in Overgeared. Can you imagine doing manual labour in a virtual reality game?

But luck enters his humdrum life one day and flips it upside down when he discovers a strong rare moment during which he receives a class- Pagma’s Successor. He has now reached the Blacksmith level, which allows him to make a wide assortment of weapons and equip the game’s most formidable gear. Grid, his avatar in the VR game, plans to use his new abilities to achieve fame and fortune.

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