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Previous Chapter Recap

Kang’s history was examined in Reality Quest’s chapter 49. He had a younger brother who excelled in every endeavour, but he did not. He was unable to contrast himself with his younger sibling.

He put a lot of effort into trying to compete with him, but nothing ever stayed the same. Returning to the present, Do Wan and his colleagues were talking about the congress issue. One of his pals commended him for handling the situation coolly and refraining from retaliating.

Do Wan’s other friend, on the other hand, felt that he should have retaliated rather than doing what he thought was right. His companion was more interested in Borame-profit Dong’s strategy than whether or not he did the right thing.

They talked about Seowon-detective Dong’s agency and Bongcheon-earning Dong’s strategy. Each delegate worked on their own profit system, while Sinlim-Dong handled the internal situation and dealt with the traitor. He battled Han Eunsung again in Kang in Kang to prevent the collapse of his empire.
He put up a valiant fight against Han, but lost to him. However, everything quickly changed. When Han was finally dangling from the structure, Kang took advantage of the situation to murder him.

Reality Quest Chapter 50: What To Expect

Finally finding out if Han Eunsung will be able to save his life will be revealed in the upcoming chapter. He is, as we all know, hanging from the structure and is depending on Kang to save him.

Kang, who is still haunted by the horrific events of the past, wants to close this chapter in order to preserve his empire. Han will, however, find a way to raise himself so that Kang can be left on his own. Do Wan will be warned to stay away from Han and his squad while they patrol every part of Kwanak.

Chae Jinho, the vice-delegate of Seowon-Dong, will run into Kim Kijin, the vice-delegate of Sinlim-Dong. Chae wants to conceal some documents before Sinlim-Dong gets there, though. Unfortunately, Kim is already here and will put up a struggle with Chae and his delegates.

He won’t leave Chae in its current state and will make an effort to get the record’s specifics. Do Wan will strive to find a means to make money by getting his team ready.

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Reality Quest Chapter 50 Release Date

As per the sources, the Reality Quest Chapter 50 Release Date is anticipated to be September 4, 2022. So you will be able to enjoy reading reality quest chapter 50 once it gets released. For more Reality Quest updates visit animesecure.

More Information About Reality Quest

Ha Do-wan, the unfortunate gaming shuttle, passed away after playing games all night for a week because the school bully threatened to acquire him game goods. One week before he passed away, he instantly respawned in the classroom.

Everything remains unchanged from that day. Only the object floating in front of him has altered. What? Use the abilities I’ve learned from my previous games to defeat the bully.

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