Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 249 Release Date, What To Expect

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Previous Chapter Recap

In Chapter 248 of Rent A Girlfriend, Kazuya, and Mizuhara conducted an investigation at her childhood home. But they were thrown together by an earthquake, and he ended up on top of her. When he attempted to move away, Mizuhara stopped him.

She clung to him, which surprised Kazuya. He had some racy ideas about their relationship and where it would go from there. Kazuya’s heart was racing, and he was getting hot. He realized Mizuhara was tiny.
However, Kazuya was taken aback when Mizuhara informed him that a leaf had become lodged in his hair. He quickly dashed to the restroom after having some heated thoughts about Mizuhara. While they were driving home, Kazuya began to consider how much he wanted to be with Mizuhara as if they were family. He wanted to get to know her better.

He inquired as to what her idol marriage life was like. Mizuhara, on the other hand, had no idea. Kazuya desired a lovey-dovey relationship. Her laughter was prompted by his opinion. They eventually arrived at their building but were surprised to see caution tape all around.

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 249: What To Expect

The next chapter, “Eviction,” will go over the most recent case. The presence of tiles on the floor will surprise Mizuhara. Something fell from the top floor, causing widespread devastation.
The cops, on the other hand, are investigating the case and have no knowledge of the crime scene. Mizuhara will look into this further. However, she will fail in this endeavor. Mizuhara will be invited to accompany Kazuya.

He’ll tell her that he believes it’s unsafe for her to live in such a place, at least for the time being. Mizuhara is initially opposed to the decision, but she has no choice but to accompany him to his home. Kazuya will be delighted that Mizuhara will remain with him after such an exciting day.

Mizuhara will be too shy to share a room with Kazuya, so he will sleep on the sofa and leave the room for her. Regardless of his efforts, she will ruminate on what happened to her house.

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 249 Release Date

As per the source, the Rent A Girlfriend chapter 249 release date is anticipated to be September 2, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy reading Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 249 once it gets released. For more anime and manga updates, visit animesecure.

More Information About Rent A Girlfriend

After a month of dating, Kazuya Kinoshita’s girlfriend Mami Nanami dumps him. He decides to rent a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara, a beautiful girl, through an online dating app. He nevertheless assigns her a low score because he considers her to be insincere. He learns Chizuru is even nastier than he thought when she reprimands him for it at their subsequent meeting.

Kazuya then learns that his grandmother has been taken to the hospital after collapsing. Chizuru appears, and his grandmother is smitten by her beauty. Kazuya continues to rent Chizuru in order to keep up appearances in front of his family and friends, but things get complicated when they discover they live next door to each other and attend the same college. Other rental girlfriends eventually join in on the fun.

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