Second Life Ranker Chapter 130 Release Date, What To Expect

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Previous Chapter Recap

Cain had discovered Galliard hiding in a tree branch in Second Life Ranker Chapter 129. He had no idea why he was planning a surprise attack. Instead of uncovering himself, he tried to pretend to be Elohim in order to assist him. He handed him a shield and went into hiding.

Elohim’s subordinates soon began to prepare for their ritual, but Galliard broke their circle with the arrow of light.

He continued to attack them with his arrows, attracting their attention. Soon after, one of Galliard’s subordinates noticed him on top of the tree and rushed to beat him up. Galliard, however, bluffed them and attacked them from behind. Later, they all joined forces to attack him, but he protected himself with the shield.
However, it wasn’t enough, so Cain stepped in to assist him. Cain later revealed his true identity, and Galliard abducted him. Cain could then meet with Braham.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 130: What To Expect

Cain will finally meet Braham in the 130th chapter. He discovers that Braham is defending a half-human, half-dragon from Elohim. The girl possesses special abilities that allow her to bring the deceased back to life. Braham, on the other hand, wants to protect her because she may lose her life in order to complete this ritual. Elohim, on the other hand, is unconcerned about the girl’s life and only wants to use her powers.

Elohim wishes to resurrect his army in order to rule the world. However, Braham goes against Elohim’s wishes, causing Elohim to kick Braham out. Now he wants to protect her, believing that Cain can be of great assistance. He had a feeling Cain possessed dragon abilities, but he needed to awaken them. So Braham will assist him in learning about his abilities in order to protect that little girl.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 130 Release Date

As per the sources, the Second Life Ranker Chapter 130 Release Date is anticipated to be September 1, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy reading Second Life Ranker Chapter 130 once it gets released. For more manga and anime updates, visit animesecure.

More Information About Second Life Ranker

The manhwa’s plot revolves around Yeon-woo, whose brother went missing five years ago. Now, one day, he receives his brother’s belongings, in which he finds his brother’s pocket watch and a dairy that says to him, “By the time you hear this, I guess I’ll be dead…”

His brother was betrayed by his teammates by climbing the Tower of the Sun God, and now he makes the decision to climb the tower on his own in order to exact revenge for his brother’s death.

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