Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 392 Release Date, Spoiler

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Tales Of Demons And Gods, The various traps of the Divine Palace will be on full show in Chapter 392. It should come as no surprise that, as hinted at in the last chapter, navigating the false celestial palace was not easy. Even Nie, who is well-versed in the palace’s myriad traps, finds it difficult. Furthermore, the Palace’s traps appear to be indefinite. Nobody expected the palace to be riddled with traps.

However, the palace is riddled with traps and tricks. Check out the article below to find out when the next chapter of the manhwa will be released.

Previous Chapter Recap

We saw Nie enter the Divine palace in the previous part of Tales Of Demons And Gods. The thousand illusionary arrays crumbled as Nie and his colleagues approached the other side of the barrier. Wu Yazi was ecstatic when he reached the other side of the barrier. All of the robbers made their way to the palace but were unable to cross the barricade. Tianming believes Nie and his pals are to blame for this incident.

Wu On the other side of the barrier, Yazi, and Nie encountered an illusion of Thunder Beasts. Nie, on the other hand, told Yazi to calm down and let them arrive. Yazi was terrified of these monsters. Then Nie went to the hall where he sensed the celestial energy. Nie, on the other hand, warned Yazi to be wary of the enchantments on the floor bricks. Wu was shown the correct path to wealth by Nie. However, it turned out to be a trap.

Tales Of Demons And God Chapter 392: What To Expect

We can liken Chapter 392 of Tales of Demons and Gods to a puzzle that must be solved. It is up to Nie and his buddies to solve the mystery and uncover the true chest of wealth. It was all set up with the chest that appeared at the end of the last chapter. When Wu Yazi tried to open it, it transformed into a golden Knight. In addition, there are approximately 26 chests full of goodies in that location.

The issue is that he cannot open all of the chests to obtain the treasure. The correct path to each prize is unique. Furthermore, Tianming will not allow them to leave the palace if he comes first. But it isn’t all. The treasure’s distribution is still unknown. Wu Yazi proposed the concept of the first choice. However, it does not seem right to Nie because he may not get what he desires from the treasure.

Tales Of Demons And God Chapter 392 Release Date

As per the source, Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 392 Release Date is anticipated to be August 13, 2022. So fans will be able to read Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 392 once it gets released. For more manga and anime updates, visit animesecure.

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