The Beginning After The End Chapter 141 Release Date, Where to Read Legally?

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beginning after the end

Lucas is on the floor in a poor way at The Beginning After The End Chapter 140. The faculty and students of Xyrus Academy, as well as anyone else, are overjoyed about Arthur’s return to town.

Suddenly, a bomb goes off behind Arthur, and Lucas recognizes his brother in agony. Lucas’ desire seems to have been fulfilled, as his brother Bairon, Varay, and Olfred all arrive.

After witnessing his brother in such poor health, Bairon becomes enraged and organizes an attack on Arthur. Despite Arthur’s instructions, Bairon’s strike injures both Sylvie and him. Varey uses her abilities to prevent Sylvie from attacking them. At the very same time, Olfred is concentrating on his Stone Golems.

Regardless of his ailments, Arthur worries if he will be able to return to the second phase. Olfred prevents Bairon from attacking Arthur. Bairon would not spare Arthur’s life since he believes Arthur tortured and murdered Lucas.

Olfred claims to be the one who saved everybody from your brother’s grasp. Furthermore, Olfred instructs Bairon on proper behavior. After Bairon ignores Olfred, Olfred employs his Stone Golems to stop him from murdering Arthur.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 141 Release Date

The Beginning After The End is one of the best manhwas out there with a very good story and top-class art as a result it become so popular and has a large number of readers who wait a week in order to read just one chapter of it. Asper the information THe Beginning After The End Chapter 141 is set to release on April 15, 2022.

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Where To Read The Beginning After The End Chapter 141

Fans have been anxiously awaiting The Beginning After The End  Chapter 141, and we strongly advise you to utilize official sources to enjoy The Beginning After The End Chapters from the following manga platforms in order to support the creators, So you can enjoy The Beginning After The End  Chapter 141 on Tapas.

More Information About The Beginning After The End

King Grey is an unequaled king with great money and authority, but he was a man filled with shame and regrets. Someone assassinated him one day, and he was resurrected as a new infant in a mystical realm.

With the experience of his prior life, he vows not to pursue the very same life again, and he is also bestowed with supportive parents. Will he, however, be able to live a tranquil life with his family? This world is not as straightforward as it appears. Arthur must strengthen himself in order to unravel the riddle of his reincarnation and protect his family from the evils of this world.


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