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Previous Chapter Recap

Mubong previously restrained Mori from using his powers in The God Of Highschool Chapter 556 by holding him firmly to the ground. Mori, however, was able to move Mubong out of the way. However, Mubong summoned the planet-destroying fairy colony of the sixth letter before he could call forth his full power. They began using the light beam to attack Mori in their thousands. Mori, on the other hand, didn’t care about them and called forth dragons to fight back. He gave orders to the dragons and monsters to slay all the foes in his path.

They turned quickly to look at Mubong, who was wedged between the blocks. He split them in half, though, and punched them to pieces. However, Mubong was deeply hurt by Mori’s actions, and he gave the fairies the order to kill Mori. When they all attacked him at once, Mori used centrifugal force to forge a shield around him to fend them off. After Mubong left stunned by his new manoeuvre, things went awry when the dimension began to collapse. But in the end, Mori used all of his power to build portals that allowed him to enter his world from another dimension.

The God Of Highschool Chapter 557: What To Expect

Mori’s other dimension self, who despises Mubong, will be introduced Despite the differences in their abilities and strengths, they all share a dislike for Mubong and a desire to eliminate him. Mori will thus take advantage of this chance to defeat Mubong. However, they must first deal with the fairies. Therefore, Mori’s monstrous form will launch an assault and use his strength to kill those fairs.

Others will band together to fight Mubong in the interim. He won’t just stand there and destroy them with one strike, though. But they’ll avoid his blow and charge at him. Everyone will start applauding Mori when he succeeds. Mubong won’t like it though, so he’ll send forth more demons to annihilate Mori and his friends. In order to destroy Mori, he will generate electricity using his wings.

The God Of High School Chapter 557 Release Date

As per the source, The God Of High School Chapter 557 release date is anticipated to be September 2, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy the God of High School Chapter 557 once it gets released. For more anime and manga updates, visit animesecure.

Where To Read The God Of High School

There are many ways to read manga, but many of them are illegal and do not support the manga’s creator, you should read The God Of High School on a legal platform, such as webtoon.

More Information About The God Of High School

This manhwa’s narrative begins with a competition called “The God Of The Highschool.” The main goal of this competition is to select the top 3 fighters from all Korean high school students and send them to the international competition. Any wish the winner makes will be granted as part of the winning prize.

Jin-Mori, the main character of this manhwa, is also invited to the competition. He accepts the invitation to the competition without giving it much thought because he wants to establish himself as the best fighter.

He encounters a variety of fighters during the course of the competition, each of whom has a distinctive fighting style. Players fight using “Borrowed Power,” mystical energy granted by supernatural beings like gods, demons, and mythical creatures, in addition to martial arts.

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