The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 97 Release Date, Spoiler

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The Max Level Hero Has Returned is one of the best manhwa and fans every week eagerly wait for the latest chapter to release. If you are looking for the release date of The Max Level hero Has Returned then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to discuss The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 97 Release Date.

Previous Chapter Recap

At the beginning of the, Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 96 we saw the battle between Melfiue and Lune. Lune had only barely awakened, yet she wasted no time in using her powerful laser beams to teach Melfiue a lesson. Melfiue appeared stronger despite her intense attacks, and she successfully dodged them. 

It wasn’t what you’d expect from someone who is half human and half vampire. Melfiue, on the other hand, appeared way too powerful. Lune, on the other hand, did not give up, and Melfiue was forced to run in order to save her life. Her move seems to have caught Theo and Lucia off guard.

But Davey had anticipated this. However, the fight was far from done. Melfiue informed them that she would be back shortly. However, Davey and Lune were both prepared for this. Later, as she was attempting to get clearance to utilise hyperpyrexia rays, Lune asked Davey to go behind her. It was powerful and required all of her energies, so she wouldn’t be able to move after cutting a hole in the wall to allow them to escape. But Davey promised her that he would take her along as well—after all, Lune was lighter than she appeared.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 97: What To Expect

Lune will succeed in making a hole in the wall in the following chapter. However, she will expend all of her energy doing this, reducing her battery life to 30%. As a result, she requires some rest to recharge her batteries. Davey, together with Theo and Lucia, will attempt to flee the library. Lune will be carried by him because she will be unable to walk on her own. They’ve seen a lot in the beneath cellar, but their fight is far from done. They will proceed to a new room with a fresh difficulty. Meanwhile, Elena and her colleagues will act concerned about their partners.

They’ll keep questioning their lecturers about Davey and the group. They will, however, receive some bad news. Some will be relieved to learn that the trio defeated the golem and are now safe. Their locations, however, will be unknown. Elena will be afraid, but her teammates will do everything in their power to make her feel better. Meanwhile, a powerful golem will surround Davey and his pals. A monster will chase them, so he will use his aura blade to battle the beast and protect his allies. However, his energy level will be at its lowest, making killing the monster tough.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 97 Release Date

As per the information, The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 97 release date is anticipated to be  August 8, 2022. For more manga and anime updates visit animesecure.

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