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Previous Chapter Recap

Mikey is knocked out at the beginning of the chapter by Takemichi. As they scream the name of their president, the Toman members’ expressions are filled with awe and joy. After Mikey stands up, they quickly start fighting again.

Mikey demands fiercely, “Why did you go back to the past, Takemichi?” in response to his homecoming. Takemichi’s continued interference would make Mikey’s efforts pointless.

Takemichi responds that he is aware that Mikey is being engulfed by the inner darkness. Takemichi wants to rescue Mikey from dying because Mikey asked for his assistance before he passed away.

Takemichi is informed by the president that there is nothing he can do about the two years of darkness that Mikey spent away from Kantou.

After much battling, Mikey finally understands what’s wrong with him. He didn’t understand the truth until after the Battle of the Three Deities. Mikey explains what happened after finishing his statement and knocks Takemichi to the ground once more.

A time jump resulted in the creation of this timeline, which is not the original timeline. He comes across the Dark Impulse while being loved by Mikey’s sibling.

Shinichiro traveled across time to alter many timelines in order to save Mikey. Mikey continues to stare at Takemichi and informs him that Shinichiro Sano is a time traveler.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269: What To Expect

It was made known in the last chapter that Takemichi Hanagaki’s brother, Sanichiro, was also a time traveler. They were all trying to save Mikey on their own, it was found.

The entire process of saving him and changing the timelines, however, has caused Mikey to break his heart. He continued by claiming that these urges had never previously prevented him from feeling. This development unquestionably represented one of the story’s best storyline turns.

Thus, Mikey’s monologue will continue in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269 when he discusses how Sanichiro also changed things.

And this time, we will finally learn the cause of Mikey’s transition into the main antagonist of the narrative. Fans are eagerly anticipating how this development would affect Takemichi Hanagaki’s character.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269 Release Date

As per the sources, the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269 release date is anticipated to be September 14, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy reading Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269 once it gets released. For more updates regarding Tokyo Revengers, visits animesecure.

Where To Read Tokyo Revengers

You can read the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers on the official website of Kodansha.

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