Top 9 Best Volleyball Anime You Must Watch.

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best anime like Yuri!! on ice

Hey, do you like to play sports I know the answer is yes- who doesn’t, sports always teach us how to perform in a team and how to overcome setbacks, and if you are an anime fan who likes to watch sports anime- I know that you are that’s why you are here.

Volleyball is such a sport that exemplifies the true spirit of collaboration. Volleyball, unlike many other team sports, stresses the value of each individual player. This spirit pervades the anime depicted in this article. With that stated, it is now time to reveal the Top 9 Volleyball Anime you should certainly watch, so stay tuned!

9)Attack on Tomorrow

attack on tomorrow

Genre: Drama, Sports, School Life, Volley Ball

Length: 23 Ep

Duration: 24 min per episode

This intense sports anime revolves around a group of high school volleyball players as they form a team. Because of whatever reason, all of these volleyball anime feature female characters. Likewise, it is fairly similar here. This anime depicts a group of high school girls who are volleyball enthusiasts.

Their unrivaled energy and passion propel the squad from a disorganized group to a school-wide juggernaut. The well-known club at their school is now on a quest to win the National High School Volleyball League and the volleyball crown. They form a team and work tirelessly to become one of their school’s best teams.

Their new goal is to win the National High School Volleyball League, which will not be easy as a cakewalk, but they are ready to do everything in their power to prevent falling short of their ultimate goal. The squad is put to the test on both a cerebral and subatomic scale all through the anime as they rise to renown and learn key life lessons.

It will take a lot of effort and agony, but it will be useful to share the load with your friends. Volleyball provides the girls with valuable life skills.

8)Harukana Recieve

Harukana Recieve

Genre: Ecchi, Drama, Sports, Slice Of Life

Length: 12 Ep

Duration: 23 min per episode 

Aces are not permitted in beach volleyball. To win, each player on the sand court must discover their one precious partner. Haruka Oozora finds this on her first day in Okinawa after moving in with her grandma and cousin Kanata Higa.

Haruka stumbles upon some girls who are playing beach volleyball while exploring a nearby beach and is straightaway invited to join in. When one of the females, Narumi Tooi, notices Kanata nearing the court, this pleasant practice game turns into a competition.

Haruka subsequently learns that Narumi and Kanta used to play beach volleyball together until Narumi left due to Kanta’s tiny stature. The excellent thing is that the Junior Championship will begin soon. However, this means Haruka only has a few weeks to learn how to play and help Kanata overcome her fear as a byproduct of her diminutive size.

Despite their tragic loss, Haruka now appreciates her cousin’s quiet and distant nature. Kanata and Narumi were previously highly excellent beach volleyball couples. With the Junior Championship approaching in a few weeks, Haruka must grasp the complexities of competitive beach volleyball while also assisting Kanata in overcoming her crippling dread of the sport she once liked.

7)Kougyou Aika Volley Boys

Kougyou Aika Volley Boys

Genre: Sports, School life, Comedy

Length: 2 Ep

Duration: 25 min per episode

The anime’s story takes place at Kudo High School, where some immoral young teenagers join the girls’ volleyball team. Their primary goal was to get the girls to join their team, which presently has no female players. Although there are no girls in the present year, they are desperate to recruit some.

This story depicts the trials and tribulations of starting a volleyball club and recruiting individuals to play for it in order to provide a brighter future for themselves. Though the boys’ twisted nature is veiled under their better purpose.

Akagi, Miyamoto, and Taniguchi, together known as the Numa K-3, are indeed the masterminds behind all of this. They founded a secondary volleyball group and worked hard to make it a well-known club that everybody, especially females, wanted to join.

Their main goal was to earn recognition with the help their playing by showing it on big platforms, so they were motivated to win this game.

6)Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake 

best volleyball anime

Genre: Sports, School

Length: 1 Ep

Duration: 30 min

The volleyball video animation ‘Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake’ is one of a kind. It just lasts 30 minutes, so if you enjoy volleyball and would like to watch a short anime about it, this is a must watch for you  It’s not a beauty, and you won’t fall in love with the characters, but still it is a fun watch to see in your time.

The anime’s plot centers around Neri Ooishi, a high school student. She is an exceptional volleyball player. She also served as captain of her elementary school’s volleyball team. That team came in second place in the national tournament.

She did, however, serve as an alternate at a junior high school noted for its volleyball program for three years. She has new teammates and a chance to show herself now that she is in high school.

However, something is keeping her from playing the game she enjoys, and she is trying to disguise her ability as a volleyball player. What, though, is prompting her to come to a halt? Why is she abandoning the game despite her love for it?

5)Attack No. 1

best volleyball anime

Genre: School, Sports, Drama

Length: 104 Ep

Duration: 24 min per episode

The anime’s plot centers around Kozue Ayuhara, a high school student who is very passionate and determined about volleyball. She aspires to play for the Japanese National Volleyball Team and good for her that she is both talented and helpful.

She enrolled at Fujimi Academy and joined the volleyball squad. Her volleyball skills were noticed by all, and her coach was growing more and more pleased with her every day. She was acquainted with her teammate Midori Hayakawa, but not everyone was thrilled because the current team’s star, Katsuragi, was envious of her.

She gave remarkable performances that helped her become well-known. She advanced to the school district league and won it. She later advanced to the Japanese volleyball finals and then to the international volleyball championships.

Across a whole long, well-constructed series, this sports drama explores the numerous negative effects of an athlete’s rise to popularity. Throughout the anime, Kozue’s character is sorely tested as she strives to become the world’s finest volleyball player.

If you wish to view it, be aware that it is a really old show. That being said, it’s unquestionably a show worth looking into, even for just intellectual purposes, but if you want to watch volleyball anime, this could be one to watch.

4)Attacker You

best volleyball anime

Genre: Romance, Sports, Drama

Length: 58 Ep

Duration: 24 min per episode

You Hazuki, a joyful and ambitious high school student, moves from Osaka to Tokyo to live with her father, Toshihiko, in the anime’s story. You haven’t seen her mother since she died when you were very little. Her younger brother, Sunny, also lives with You and her father. Sunny cherishes his older sister and follows her everywhere she goes, including school and volleyball matches.

You have a very high level of passion for volleyball and hope to one day become a member of the Japanese women’s volleyball team for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In order to realize her desire, she joins her high school’s volleyball club, which is led by her homeroom teacher. Her coach is stern and smacks those who fall short of their potential.

Fortunately for You, she grows into one of their most valuable players. You form an explosive bond with her soon-to-be arch-rival, Nami Hayase, which grows stronger when they are assigned to opposing teams. In the middle of all of this chaos, you want to defeat Nami’s gang while also capturing the affection of the boy she has a crush on, So Takaki.

3)Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal e no Michi

best volleyball anime

Genre: Sports, Drama

length: 52 Ep

Duration: 23 min per episode

“New Attacker You!” is a 52-episode Japanese and Chinese anime television series. It’s a follow-up to the popular “Attacker You!” series, which debuted 24 years ago. Knack Productions generated this second animated series for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The show, directed by Tomoharu Katsumata, debuted on Cartoon Darian in China before being distributed directly to DVD in Japan, circumventing the television network.

The anime’s plot centers around a group of kids who have a burning desire to be the best in the world. While their objectives are clear, they encounter significant obstacles along the road, as failure could result in their firing. To make matters worse, the squad must cope with various familial and conventional adolescent challenges while fighting for their difficult goal.

2)2.43: Seiin High School Boys’ Volleyball Club

best volleyball anime

Genre: Sports, School, Slice of life

Length: 12 Ep

Duration: 23 min per episode

The anime’s plot centers around Kimichika Haijima, a high school student who comes back to his hometown of Fukui after causing trouble in the Tokyo Junior High School volleyball club. He is reunited with his childhood friend, Yuni Kuroba, who possesses exceptional athletic abilities but is prone to breakdown under strain. Haijima and Kuroba constitute an excellent volleyball pairing due to Haijima’s infectious passion and skill.

The two students attend Seiin High School and play volleyball. They will be accompanied by 163 cm hot-blooded captain Shinichirou Oda, intelligent and sharp-tongued but very talented vice-captain  Misao Aoki and his third-year pair, as well as second-year students such as Akito Kanno, who wears long sleeves due to a sun allergy. The inexperienced squad shatters its prior shell of weakness and emerges as Fukui’s rising star. This is the story of a certain team’s journey for victory, which is challenged by various intriguing opponents.

Regardless of the fact that they have very diverse personalities, the members share a single goal: to be the best team in the world. Haijima and Kuroba had outstanding abilities in the team, contributing to the team’s rise. This is the narrative of a team that continues to overcome the obstacles in their path toward becoming the number one.


best volleyball anime

Genre: School, Sports, Volleyball

Length: 25 Ep

Duration: 24 min per episode

‘Haikyuu!!’ is one of the most popular sports animes of all time, and as the first spot on the list, it is almost certainly the best volleyball anime ever made. The anime’s plot centers around a short-haired guy named Shouyou Hinata. After seeing a legendary volleyball player known as ‘Little Giant’ in action, he resurrects his middle school’s volleyball group. His team is capable of putting in the necessary effort to qualify for a tournament. Things rapidly go south when they are heavily thrashed by a squad led by Tobiyo Kageyama, called the “King of the Court.” This inspires Hinata to work even harder in order to outperform Tobiyo.

Hinata Shouyou, a small middle school girl, acquired an unexpected interest in volleyball during witnessing a national championship game on television. Shouyou, the “small giant,” joined his school’s volleyball club, aiming to follow the path of the championship’s best player. He was the only member, and the group didn’t even have a practice facility.

He was not discouraged, and after recruiting five more players in his final year, he was able to compete in a real tournament — only to have his team drawn in the first round by the championship favorite and its star player, Kageyama Tobio, dubbed “the king of the court.”

Regardless of his team’s crushing defeat, Shouyou vows to improvise his game and eventually surpass Kageyama. Shouyou is currently in his first year of high school, the same one that he witnessed participate in the national finals for the first time. He’s going to join the volleyball team, train hard, and annihilate Kageyama the next time they meet on the court…that is until he discovers that he and Kageyama are now classmates. Their qualities will surely assist the volleyball team, but only if they can set aside their differences and learn to work together.

He enrolled in the Karasuno High School volleyball team after graduating from middle school. However, he learns that his adversary Kageyama is also a student at this school. Hinata possesses a strong leaping ability, but his small stature makes it tough for him to establish himself on the squad. Furthermore, it is shown that Kageyama has his own problems. However, there is a single solution to each of their problems. They must complement one another in order to provide their team an advantage. True, the idea is tempting, isn’t it?

If you like volleyball and now want to watch a volleyball anime in your free time then you can’t afford to miss this anime.

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With this, I would like to conclude the list of the best volleyball anime you should watch. If you think we don’t have to mention your favorite volleyball anime, you can share them with us through the comment section also share your opinion about our list.

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