Tower Of God Chapter 552 Release Date, Where To Read

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Tower Of God is one of the best manhwa/webtoons of all time, if you are a manhwa guy, then you must have heard of its name. Updates to the series and new franchise additions are highly anticipated by fans from around the world. In today’s post, we are gonna discuss the Tower Of God Chapter 552 release date and where to read tower of god.

Tower Of God Chapter 552: What To Expect

As of now, there is no spoiler or leaks available for Tower Of God. Once we have any update on the spoiler of the chapter we will update this post.

Tower Of God Chapter 552 Release Date

As per the information, the Tower Of God Chapter 552 release date is anticipated to be August 08, 2022, but it can also release 1-2 days early so you should keep an eye out for a new chapter. For more manga and anime updates subscribe to animesecure.

More Info About Tower Of God

The tower in the tale holds a small group of individuals known as “Regulars” with the promise of realizing their most cherished desires. Wealth, fame, power, or something even better will be awarded to those who reach the pinnacle of the tower.

The primary character of the manhwa, Bam, is a small child who has lived all of his life in a dank cave with no access to light. As a result, when a girl by the name of Rachel arrived in the light, his entire world was revolutionized. He became close with Rachel, who gave him a lot of knowledge about the outside world. However, his entire world crumbles around him when Rachel tells him that she must leave him in order to climb the Tower. A miracle happens as he sets his sights on the tower, determined to pursue her despite all obstacles.

The story of Bam, a little child who decides to open the Tower’s gates on his own rather than being chosen by it, begins in this manner. His kind of people are referred to as “Irregulars” since every time they choose to participate in a game with many others, they upended the Tower’s foundation and disrupted its rules and regulations.

Where To Read Tower Of God

There are several sources to read a manhwa but a lot of them are unofficial and they don’t support the artists so we always suggest you use official sources like webtoon.

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