Volcanic Age Chapter 217 Release Date, Spoiler

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Previous Chapter Recap

When Bear Fist betrayed the Orthodox Sect in Volcanic Age Chapter 216, everyone was taken aback. They all respect him and never expected him to join forces with the dark heaven faction.

Their words, however, did not entice Bear Fist, who claimed they had never understood his emotions. It quickly zeroed in on Bear Fist’s past. He belonged to the Bear Fist sect, which had only ten members. He never had the opportunity to learn martial arts from the illustrious sect because he was an orphan.

But he resolved to work hard and grow stronger. He received a letter from the Murim Alliance one day and was delighted to join it. However, he was never given the opportunity to participate in the group discussion and voice his opinion.

He was stronger than the others, but they made their captain the person with the least skill and experience. However, Joo Seo Cheon stated that he understood his pain but chose the wrong path. The Dark Heaven Fraction only knew how to murder others and had no regard for anyone. He should not have joined their ranks.

Volcanic Age Chapter 217: What to Expect

In the following episode, the daughters of Joo Seo Cheon and the Kang Clan will leave the forest. They’ll return to their clan. Seo Cheon will finally bid the giant human-shaped spider farewell and promise that it will never return to his area.
He will be reminded to keep his promise by the massive human-shaped spider. They will then hand over Bear Fist to the Phoenix, who will decide whether to execute him or not. Joo Seo will appear surprised, but he will not stop Phoenix and Bear Fist.
They will notify the clan of Bear Fist’s treachery. Joo Seo will finally meet the Kang clan’s leader and tell him about his adventure and how he saved his daughters’ lives.

They will discuss the poison and how to counteract its effects. Joo Seo will soon send a letter to his clan in which he will inform them of the dark heaven fraction. They will soon begin their investigation to discover who is behind Joo Seo.

Volcanic Age Chapter 217 Release Date

As per the information, the Volcanic Age Chapter 217 release date is anticipated to be August 22, 2022. So you will be able to enjoy reading Volcanic Age Chapter 217 once it gets released. For more manga and anime updates, visit animesecure.

More Information About the Volcanic Age

The plot of this manhwa revolves around Joo Seo Cheon, who happens to be the elder of the Hwasan faction and lives his life in remorse. He died at the age of 77 and travels back in time, recalling his master’s murder 5 years earlier and deciding to find a cure for his master.

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