Weapons and Items Guide in Warlander

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Weapons and Items Guide in Warlander

This upcoming medieval-themed third-person multiplayer game is called Warlander. It includes erratic combat against armies and rival players. You must, however, be aware of the appropriate weapons and equipment to utilize in order to gain an advantage during combat.

There isn’t a lot of information available about the game’s numerous items and weaponry because it hasn’t yet been released. Fortunately, we can see the majority of them.

Weapons and Items Guide in Warlander

Weapons and Items Guide in Warlander

The game features a huge variety of weapons and things. In addition, you may finish a match with the potential of receiving 1-2 things. However, there is some element of randomness involved with this, so occasionally you won’t get anything at all.

In the event that you do obtain duplicates, you can sell them to earn money. Additionally, you can mark specific things as Favorites to make it simpler to locate them in your inventory.

According to the rarity of an item, each has its own category. Currently, things are divided into four categories: Common, Rare, Prestige, and Mythical. For instance, you can view a weapon’s stats when you hover over it. These include its maximum ammunition, fire rate, and attack power.

Weapons and Items Guide in Warlander

Additionally, each item contains Perks that can boost particular attributes even further. The Perks an object receives are determined by both its category and rarity. Even the appearance and perks of your weapon can be changed through modification.

Since this game has classes, some things will only be available to those classes. For instance, tanks can only use heavy armour while wizards won’t be able to use those powerful melee weapons.

Weapons and Items Guide in Warlander

Each piece of armour has a specific class attached to it, speaking of armour. Additionally, depending on their rarity, armour components will give extra HP. With the exception of Mythical armour components, which have their own special Perks, they all have the HP Up Perk.

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