Where to Find Gharunder Location Guide in Temtem

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Temtem has now been unveiled. Temtem and Pokemon are similar in a number of ways, with Temtem being an MMORPG. 

You are free to gather and capture any number of items. We’ll show you how to catch the Gharunder, a rare Temtem, which is one of them.

Where to Find Gharunder Location Guide in Temtem

Where to Find Gharunder Location Guide in Temtem

Gharunder is a Temtem of the Toxic/Electric class. If you need an Electric or Toxic physical attacker, Gharunder is your best choice. 

Its speed and physical defense are both lacking, but its physical attack and HP are both excellent. There are ways to address its shortcomings, so there is no need to panic.

With TV training, you may boost Gharunder’s speed, and its attributes can make up for its weak physical defense. 

The first brumation attribute confers Physical Defense and a -1 Hold penalty on Gharunder. The second attribute, thick skin, minimise the harm done by windways by 50%.

Gharunder Location

Gharunder Location

The Properton Sewers are where you can find the Gharunder Temtem. To access this location, though, you must be far further along in the narrative. So, novices might not be able to get this extremely uncommon Temtem.

Interact with every ladder you come across while in the sewers to reveal shortcuts.

Where to Find Gharunder Location Guide in Temtem

Enter the sewers at the westernmost point of Properton. Once there, continue traveling the path depicted in the earlier picture until you reach the middle region. Gharunder is also required for the Anti-Aquarian Side Quest. The reward for finishing this side quest is a 3 SV Mosu.

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